White Label Products

What is it?

At Aqdot, we have combined our supramolecular chemistry & formulating expertise with our category marketing experience and consumer insight, to develop ready-to-go product innovations in cosmetics, personal care, homecare, petcare and professional cleaning products incorporating our proprietary technology.

To prove its consumer appeal and gain consumer insight, we have launched some of these products in UK retailers under our Oderase™ brand. We also have developed to fully tested & validated prototype stage, a number of other unique innovations, that are ready to launch. All products are available for white label under your brand.

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What is your white label development approach?

Our product innovations are fully ready-to-go for launch, complete with costed, consumer-tested, stability-tested, safety-assessed & regulatory-compliant formulations & packaging. One such example is our innovative new air freshener spray that uses our patented AqFresh™ odour capture technology.

All you need to do is supply your packaging artwork, then we take care of the manufacturing & supply, leaving you free to concentrate on retailer listings and your launch marketing campaign. It is a fast & effective route to innovation success built on products with high-performance patented supramolecular technology.

What level of experience & expertise do you bring?

Our marketing, R&D, manufacturing and NPD project management team have experience across FMCG personal care, pharmaceutical, homecare and cosmetics industries.


Hugh Rathbone

Chief Commercial Officer

Hugh has extensive international experience in household products and beauty care, ranging from global purchasing to commercial director for P&G Haircare Europe. Hugh is focussed on commercialising Aqdot’s innovative and superior odour capture technology and emulsification chemistry through a range of business models including White Label, License & Supply, and DTC.


What are the benefits of this service?

• Launch revolutionary new high-performance cosmetics, personal care and homecare products in just 4 months

• Access product innovation with advanced patented supramolecular chemistry developed with category-specific consumer marketing expertise

• Rapidly boost your innovation funnel with ready-to-launch novel & high-efficacy products with powerful proven USPs

• Already costed, consumer-tested, stability-tested, safety-assesed & regulatory-compliant formulations & packaging

What types of white label products do you have ready-for-launch?

We have ready-to-go innovations for skincare creams & lotions, and odour-eliminating powders, liquids, sprays, and more in the following types of applications:

• Consumer : Beauty care, Cosmetics, Feminine hygiene, Deodorants, Household cleaning & freshening, Pet care

• Professional : Professional cleaning & freshening for: Agriculture, Medical, Veterinary, Paint

How long does it take?

Depending on the category and brief, a typical NPD launch development project from artwork to first delivery of product will typically take around 4 months.

Oderase Consumer Website

Oderase is our range of fragrance-free eco-friendly consumer products for white label using AqFresh™.

Click here to visit the Oderase website for more info & to purchase.


Can you offer us bespoke concept development?

We also offer bespoke innovation concept & formulation development. If you prefer a co-creation approach, we can facilitate ideation workshops at our Cambridge offices with access to our development & odour testing laboratories, marketing & R&D experts, and a range of benchmark formulations you can try – all to help bring inspiration & insight to fuel your creativity.

What proprietary ingredient technologies do you have?

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