Sensory odour testing for AqFresh


At Aqdot, we have a high level of expertise & technology available to our AqFresh™ customers in the area of advanced odour sensory testing.

Test methodology

Aqdot uses its own externally validated and trained expert sensory panel to assess the intensity of the untreated malodour control, the treated malodours and any fragrances present on a standard scale from 0-6, as well as the hedonic tone when relevant. For the automotive interiors, the VDA-270 standard industry test protocol is used.

The panel selection and training follow ISO6658 and ISO8586:2012. The test design follow ISO5495 or EN1375. The evaluation, interpretation and statistical analysis of the results follow ISO4121 and ISO 2854.



Sensory scales

Type of results reported

Results are reported on a 0-6 intensity scale, along with their statistical significance.
For example, sensory testing of a fragranced deodorant with AqFresh™ showed a significantly greater fragrance intensity (and lower malodour intensity) when challenged with malodour after 24 hours.


Personal Care 24 hour deo odour & fragrance performance

NS = not statistically significant. *** = 99.5% confidence

Sensory odour testing benefits

Key benefits

• Understand your product’s odour-removal efficacy and the degree of improvement AqFresh™ delivers

• Externally-validated protocol for robust, reliable and consistent assessment

• Expert panel with trained olfactory assessors

Types of formulations tested

Home & Pet Care – eg. air fresheners, fabric fresheners & cleaners, carpet cleaners, pet shampoos

Personal Care – eg. aluminium-free deodorants, anti-perspirants, hair care products, feminine hygiene lotions & washes

Nonwovens – eg. wipes, feminine hygiene pads & liners, baby and adult incontinence diapers, wound care dressings, and filters

Automotive Interiors – eg. coated textiles (eg. door trim, car seat), plastic films (eg. dashboard), and nonwovens (eg. headliners)

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