Innovation Concept Development

What is it?

At Aqdot, we bring a high level of innovation insight, expertise, experience & creativity to our customers to inspire you with unique & disruptive consumer product ideas in many sectors including beautycare, personal care, home & pet care, and professional cleaning & freshening.

If you are searching for unique & superior innovation ideas in mature markets, we develop or co-create brilliant ideas crafted into high-value product concepts using our odour-capture technology, based on our category experience and consumer insight combined with our marketing & chemistry expertise.

What is your concept development approach?

At Aqdot, we use our revolutionary molecule capture, hold & release technology to develop advanced odour elimination air fresheners and high-performance skincare products.

Using a combination of advanced supramolecular chemistry and cosmetic & homecare product formulating expertise, we develop stable, regulatory-compliant, advanced formulations that consumers love.

What level of experience & expertise do you bring?

Our marketing and R&D team have experience across FMCG personal care, pharmaceutical, homecare and cosmetics industries.

What are the benefits of this service?

• Fuel your product ideation with external inspiration & ideas from category innovation experts at Aqdot

• Combine advanced supramolecular chemistry expertise with consumer marketing creativity & experience

• Rapidly boost your innovation funnel with carefully-crafted insight-based concepts with powerful proven USPs

• Knowledge & expertise in a wide variety of applications enables development of unique & superior performance product concepts

What types of concepts can you develop?

We can develop concepts for skincare creams & lotions, and odour-eliminating powders, liquids, sprays, films and more in the following types of applications:

• Consumer : Beauty care, Cosmetics, Feminine hygiene, Deodorants, Self tanning, Household cleaning & freshening, Pet care

• Professional : Professional cleaning & freshening for: Agriculture, Medical, Veterinary, Paint

• Industrial : Odour-eliminating packaging films or filter substrates (by incorporation into the plastic masterbatch)

How long does it take?

Depending on the brief, and whether an outsourced development or co-creation approach is preferred, a typical concept development project will take around 2-3 weeks.

Can you offer us off-the-shelf or bespoke concept development?

We have a bank of off-the-shelf concepts if you need ideas fast, but also offer bespoke innovation concept development. If you prefer a co-creation approach, we can facilitate ideation workshops at our Cambridge offices with access to our development & odour testing laboratories, marketing & R&D experts, and a range of benchmark formulations you can try – all to help bring inspiration & insight to fuel your creativity.

What proprietary ingredient technologies do you have?

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