Analytical Odour Testing for AqFresh

What is it?

At Aqdot, we have a high level of expertise & technology available to our AqFresh customers in the area of advanced odour analytical testing.

If you have a cleaning or freshening product formulation you would like to analyse scientifically to assess its odour removal efficacy, and see how much more effective it would be with our AqFresh™ technology, we can do this for you in our Aqdot laboratories.

What is the test methodology?

Aqdot follow a standard test protocol using gas chromotography to analyse the amount of residual malodour molecules present in the headspace after treatment with the test formulation vs a control.

What type of results do you obtain?

Results are reported as a % reduction in the intensity of malodour, with statistical significance.

AqFresh removes 72% of a malodour compared to a leading competitor which only removes 6%

NS = not statistically significant. *** = 99.5% confidence

What are the benefits of our testing?

• Understand your product’s odour-removal efficacy and how we can improve it

• Externally-validated protocol for robust, reliable and consistent assessment

• Testing conducted using advanced gas chromatography analytical equipment

• Knowledge & expertise in a wide variety of applications enables benchmarking against industry averages

What types of formulations can you test?

We can tests powders, liquids, sprays, films and more in the following types of applications:

• Consumer : Feminine hygiene, Deodorants, Self tanning, Household cleaning & freshening, Pet care

• Professional : Professional cleaning & freshening for: Agriculture, Medical, Veterinary, Paint

• Industrial : Odour-eliminating packaging films or filter substrates (by incorporation into the plastic masterbatch)

How long does it take?

Depending on the number of target malodours, formulation type and laboratory availability, a typical test will take around 2-4 weeks.

Can you offer us off-the-shelf or bespoke formulation development?

AqFresh is available for license & supply to manufacturers as either a powder or liquid for formulating into your products. We offer supporting formulating & sensory/analytical testing for formulating with AqFresh.

Oderase™ is our range of consumer products for white label using AqFresh – we manufacture & supply finished products labelled with your brand logo & label design, for you to sell to retailers or direct to consumers.

What odour elimination technology do you have?

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