Analytical Odour Testing for AqFresh


At Aqdot, we have a high level of expertise & technology available to our AqFresh customers in the area of advanced odour analytical testing.


Test methodology

Aqdot follow a standard test protocol using gas chromotography to analyse the amount of residual malodour molecules present in the headspace after treatment with the test formulation vs a control.

Type of results reported

Results are reported as a % reduction in the intensity of malodour, with statistical significance.

AqFresh removes 72% of a malodour compared to a leading competitor which only removes 6%

NS = not statistically significant. *** = 99.5% confidence

Analytical odour testing benefits

Key benefits

• Understand your product’s odour-removal efficacy and the degree of improvement AqFresh™ delivers

• Externally-validated protocol for robust, reliable and consistent assessment

• Testing conducted using advanced gas chromatography analytical equipment

• Knowledge & expertise in a wide variety of applications enables benchmarking against industry averages

Types of formulations tested

Home & Pet Care – eg. air fresheners, fabric fresheners & cleaners, carpet cleaners, pet shampoos

Personal Care – eg. aluminium-free deodorants, anti-perspirants, hair care products, feminine hygiene lotions & washes

Nonwovens – eg. wipes, feminine hygiene pads & liners, baby and adult incontinence diapers, wound care dressings, and filters

Automotive Interiors – eg. coated textiles (eg. door trim, car seat), plastic films (eg. dashboard), and nonwovens (eg. headliners)

Collaborate with us

We are looking to license & supply our technology to Speciality Chemical Companies, Manufacturers and others to bring ground-breaking innovations to market.

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