Personal care solutions

Add our personal care solutions to your products for boosted performance, consumer confidence and brand loyalty. For the beauty market we have created AqStar M1, a naturally-derived, high-performing emulsifier with the formulation flexibility to create a wide variety of natural skin-care formulations with distinctive aesthetics. Our AqFresh Pro products react to your body’s needs to capture odours and keep you and your clothes feeling fresh all day.


What is AqStar M1?
AqStar M1 is a naturally-derived emulsifier and offers an exciting, flexible solution to the formulators’ quest for high-performing emulsification systems that are aesthetically distinctive.

AqStar M1 contains the innovative and proprietary Aq™Bit technology, delivering stability by a combination of charge, steric, and interfacial-network interactions.

Why is it needed?
For decades, the cosmetics formulators’ dilemma has been a desire to develop high-performance emulsification systems to give new and distinctive aesthetic qualities, versus a preference to use more natural emulsifiers. The problem has always been that natural emulsifiers do not work as well as synthetic ones. It is therefore desirable to have an emulsifier that is both naturally derived and can deliver high-performance emulsification systems with new and distinctive aesthetics qualities.

Why is it unique?
A naturally-derived alternative to synthetics, AqStar M1 is both ISO 16128, non-genetically modified.

AqStar M1 provides the formulation flexibility to produce a wide range of oil-in-water emulsion formulations for hand, face, and body products with characteristics of water-in-oil performance. AqStar M1 offers distinctive aesthetics with consistent and easy coverage on the skin due to its slight elastic behaviour. Working well with a range of emollients and extracts with good pH and salt tolerance, it generates glossy oil-in-water emulsions that flow but do not drip, with no stickiness, sliminess or stringiness.

What’s the opportunity for our partners?
AqStar M1 is our flagship product in advancing the resource efficiency of natural cosmetics ingredients. It offers an unparalleled opportunity to our potential partners and customers in launching unique and differentiated cosmetic and personal care products with more natural ingredients while maintaining high performance in formulation flexibility and distinctive aesthetics.

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AqStar M1 has ISO16128 status and complies with natural and organic cosmetic ingredients.


bio-based carbon content of AqStar M1, measured by ASTM D6866.

We’re proud of our Cradle to Cradle Platinum Material Health Certificate for AqStar M1. Read the full story here.

Discover more by downloading the brochure.

AqStar M1 is available from
ChemSpec in the USA and Grolman across Europe


What is AqFresh PRO?

AqFresh Pro is a fragrance-free and odour-free technology that has been created for the baby care, femcare, incontinence and deodorants markets where effective and long-lasting elimination of odours from bodily functions is essential to daily comfort.

Why is it needed?

There is a need for a discreet and effective solution to embarrassing and potentially long-term odour issues. Consumer awareness of potential health issues associated with over-use of fragrance has sparked a trend for more natural and fragrance-free products in the personal care market.

Almost 20% of the general population is sensitised to at least one allergen and fragrance is one of the most frequently cited substances causing reactions. Fragrance sensitivity is now seen in 1-4% of the general population, and 8-15% of people with contact dermatitis.

Why is it unique?

It is proprietary and highly effective at removing strong and lingering faecal, menstrual, urine and sweat odours without the need for masking fragrances. It is a truly discreet solution for embarrassing odour occasions.

The core chemistry of AqFresh Pro, Aq™Bit, has achieved a PLATINUM Material Health Certificate, which demonstrates that chemical ingredients of every material in a product are known and optimised towards safer materials. The Platinum level of certification represents the highest level of the Material Health Certificate.

What’s the opportunity for our partners?

The AqFresh Pro solution platform provides our partners with IP-protected innovation and differentiated claims in the crowded personal care markets including baby care, femcare, incontinence and deodorants.


of the general population are sensitive to allergens, fragrance being the most cited as a primary cause. *


The European population who suffer from chronic allergies. The current prediction is that by 2025 half of the entire EU population will be affected. *