Air Quality Solutions

Our air care products are designed to remove unwanted odours, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and other harmful toxins from the places we live, work and play. The benefits have a profound impact on people’s health and well-being. Our new generation of air freshener, Oderase, is so effective at capturing bad odours that no masking fragrance is needed. We also have AqFresh Air to purify indoor air, particularly to enhance passenger experience in transport industries.


What is Oderase®?

Oderase is the new generation of fragrance-free air freshener. It is so effective at erasing bad odours that it doesn’t contain any masking fragrances. It is also caring for you and your family as it is fragrance-free, contains carefully selected ingredients, not a pressurised aerosol, and approved by Allergy UK and Good Housekeeping Institute.

Oderase uses Aqdot’s patented Aq™Bit odour eliminating technology to reduce embarrassment and offensiveness caused by odours.

Why is it needed?

Traditionally bad smells in the bathroom have been masked, not erased, by the use of fragranced sprays. For some people those fragrances are too strong and too artificial, for some they cause allergies. For others they simply cause embarrassment or offensiveness as it is obvious that a fragrance has been used to cover up a bad smell.

Why is it unique?
Oderase is different from traditional air fresheners because it is highly effective at erasing bad odours and yet is free from added fragrances.

Oderase has also achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified™ SILVER Level accreditation, based on an impartial and independent evaluation of the product’s Material Health, Material Reutilisation, Renewable Energy, Water Stewardship and Social Fairness.

The core AqBit technology has also achieved a PLATINUM Material Health Certificate, which is the highest possible certification level. This demonstrates that all of the chemical ingredients of  a product are optimised towards safer materials.

What is the opportunity for our partners?

Oderase is our first commercially available product aimed at the significant air care market expected to reach $12 Bn by 2023. Product extensions into other applications and odour occasions are currently under development. We are seeking partners with the vision to incorporate this ready-to-go innovation, which offers highly-differentiated claims, meets market and consumer needs, generates top-line growth and strategically extends their existing product portfolio.

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is the estimated global value of the air care market by 2023. Our chemistry is helping our partners capture the opportunities to expand the market with differentiated products. *


people globally are exposed to unsafe and unhealthy VOCs at home or at work. Our chemistry works to create cleaner and fresher environments for everyone.

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Oderase has achieved Cradle to Cradle Certified™ SILVER Level accreditation


What is AqFresh Air?

The AqFresh range of supramolecular solutions are designed to make the air in our homes and places of work cleaner. AqFresh Air’s latest application focuses on enhancing the consumer experience in aircraft cabins.

Why is it needed?

The World Health Organization (WHO) says that air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk on the planet. WHO estimates that exposure to indoor air pollution might be responsible for nearly 1.6 million excess deaths annually and about 3% of the global burden of disease.

There are growing demands from passengers and the aerospace industry to further improve in-flight comfort, remove odours and enhance consumer experience.

Why is it unique?

AqFresh Air is a non-toxic and fragrance-free odour management innovation which is highly effective at capturing unwanted smells and VOCs. This innovation is disrupting the current approach of masking with often allergenic fragrances.

AqFresh Air offers consumers and transport industries a means to have cleaner air to breathe by capturing the odour and VOC molecules that cannot be removed using current filter technologies.

What’s the opportunity for our partners?

AqFresh Air offers our partners the unique opportunity to become the market-leading player at tackling indoor and cabin air quality issues with an innovative and proprietary technology.


deaths globally are estimated to be linked to exposure to indoor air pollution in 2015. *


passengers travelled by aeroplanes in 2017 *