Advanced Pollutant Capture


AqFresh™ is a revolutionary new pollutant capture & scavenging technology that can be incorporated into filters, as well as extruded into fibres, compounded into coatings, and formulated into finishing treatments for textiles & nonwovens. The offgassing of VOCs from these latter materials is a growing concern especially in the automotive industry.

AqFresh™ removes pollutants such as BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes), formaldehyde, SO2 and NO2.

A unique patented technology

This patented technology consists of cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules that powerfully capture VOCs & pollutants and scavenge unwanted odours to eliminate them. They act rapidly and keep on working for lasting indoor air quality.

Cucurbiturils have a unique symmetrical structure, with a hollow, hydrophobic cavity and polar portals. AqFresh™ contains a mixture of cucurbit[n]urils (n =6, 7, 8) and each homologue has affinity for a variety of molecules. Thus, AqFresh™ has exceptional capability to bind a wide spectrum of molecules with different sizes and functional groups.

AqFresh™ has high chemical and thermal stability, can be incorporated into materials via the full range of standard industry processes, and delivers instant & long-lasting effectiveness.


Key pollutant capture benefits

• Proven in analytical testing such as VDA-270 and VDA-278 as well as SIFT-MS breakthrough analysis to significantly reduce VOCs and pollutants

• Effective on a wide range of pollutants (eg. VOCs, malodours and toxic pollutants like formaldehyde)

• Versatile & easy to formulate – AqFresh™ works in a wide range of environmental conditions – both wet and dry, in a wide range of temperature.

• Environmentally friendly, degradable under environmentally relevant conditions, awarded the Cradle-to-Cradle Material Health Certificate


Whilst this breakthrough new pollutant capture technology has a broad range of potential applications, one of the most important ones to address is the offgassing of VOCs in car interiors.

Automotive Interiors – eg. coated textiles (eg. door trim, car seats), plastic films (eg. dashboards), and nonwovens (eg. headliners) all give off VOCs. AqFresh™ can be incorporated into all of these and also into the cabin air filters.

AqFresh™ technology has been proven by the National Physics Laboratory to capture their cocktail of typical indoor air pollutants including:

• Acids

• Aldehydes (Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Acrolein and others)

• Amines (including Ammonia)

• BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethylbenzene, Xylene)

• Complex malodours

• Ketones and Alcohols (MEK, Ethanol and others)

• SO2 and NO2

• Thiols and Sulphides


AqFresh™ is proven to significantly reduce a wide range of pollutants.

It has demonstrated more capacity on a mass basis against NO2 and SO2 than activated carbon, proven by breakthrough analysis conducted by Element Materials Technology Ltd.

It reduces formaldehyde from 40% above WHO limits to 57% below.*

Eurofins validated that in just 6 hours AqFresh™ cleared 69% of the formaldehyde in a room.

*WHO Guidelines accepted formaldehyde levels (

Advanced Pollutant Capture - Formaldehyde

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