AqFresh™ & Oderase™

Advanced Odour Elimination

What is it?

AqFresh™ is a revolutionary new fragrance-free odour capture technology for liquids, plastics and films. It is so effective at capturing and eliminating malodours that it works without using any artificial fragrances to mask them.

Why is it needed?

Everyone wants to enjoy fresh pure clean air. Traditionally bad offensive smells have been masked, not erased, by the use of fragranced air freshener sprays. However, for some people those fragrances are too strong and too artificial, and for some they cause allergies.

Why is it unique?

This patented technology consists of cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules that powerfully attract and capture VOCs to eliminate them. They act rapidly and keep on working for lasting freshness.

AqFresh™ contains a mixture of cucurbit[n]urils (n =6, 7, 8) and each homologue has affinity for a variety of molecules. Thus, AqFresh™ has exceptional capability to bind a wide spectrum of molecules with different sizes and functional groups.

Cucurbiturils have a hydrophobic cavity and a polar portal that enables high affinity binding by releasing high-energy water contained inside the cavity.

AqFresh™ has high chemical and thermal stability, is effective in solid and liquid formulations in a wide range of pH, and delivers instant & long-lasting effectiveness.


What are its other benefits?

Fast-acting, long-lasting, fragrance-free odour removal developed with Cambridge University

Effective on a wide range of different malodours (eg. sweat odours, urine odours, damp dog odours, chemical odours, and other unpleasant smells ….)

Helps safely remove allergens including dust mite, cat and dog, on contact, when sprayed on surfaces

Highly versatile – works in powder, liquid form, paper products, as a coating or in films and is effective in highly diluted aqueous formulations

Environmentally friendly, degradable under environmentally relevant conditions, Cradle-to-Cradle Platinum accredited, and delivering pure, clean air

Human and pet friendly, our UK pilot consumer product Oderase® with AqFresh™ is endorsed by Allergy UK


We are continually discovering exciting new applications for this breakthrough new odour eliminator & allergen removing technology across a wide range of industries.

AqFresh™ Pure : Feminine hygiene, Deodorants, Self tanning, Household cleaning & freshening, Pet care

AqFresh™ Professional : Professional cleaning & freshening for: Agriculture, Medical, Veterinary, Paint

AqFresh™ Industrial : For use in odour-eliminating packaging films or filter substrates (by incorporation into the plastic masterbatch)

Our AqFresh™ odour eliminator technology has proven air-purifying efficacy against a broad range of malodours including:

Human (sweat, vomit, faeces, urine, feminine hygiene)

Pet (dog & cat urine & faeces, sweat, damp fur)

Food (curry, chips, burger, fish)

Product (recycled plastics)

Chemical (monomer residues, amino-based molecules, chlorinated reagents)

Pollutants (naphthalene, benzene, xylene and toluene)

How effective is it?

AqFresh™ is so effective at capturing odours, that it works without using masking fragrances. It works fast, keeps on freshening, and is highly versatile in formulation compatibility.

It has proven efficacy against a broad spectrum of malodours, including faeces malodours which it reduces by 72% compared to a leading competitive technology (shown in gas chromatography analytical testing).

It can be formulated into products such as a shoe odour remover or carpet odour neutraliser.

AqFresh™ removes 72% of a malodour compared to a leading competitor which only removes 6%

NS = not statistically significant. *** = 99.5% confidence

Oderase® Consumer Website

Oderase® is our range of fragrance-free eco-friendly consumer kitchen & living areas or bathroom odour remover products for white label using AqFresh™.

Click here to visit the Oderase® website for more info & to purchase.

What is the opportunity for our partners?

AqFresh™ is available for license & supply to manufacturers as either a powder or liquid for formulating into your products. We offer supporting formulating & sensory/analytical testing.

Oderase® is our range of fragrance-free eco-friendly consumer products for white label using AqFresh™ – we manufacture & supply finished products labelled with your brand logo & label design, for you to sell to retailers or direct to consumers.

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