Advanced Fragrance Release

What is it?

AqFresh™ is a revolutionary new supramolecular fragrance-release technology delivering smart fragrance benefits. When added to a fragranced product it binds the fragrance and releases it in response to triggers such as humidity, heat, pH, and the presence of a malodour, enabling targeted cost-efficient long-lasting fragrance delivery and an enhanced sensory experience.

Why is it needed?

Personal care and cosmetics formulators’ seek to formulate with fragrances to deliver a sensorial experience to the consumer. However they face challenges: in many formulations fragrances are not stable, do not endure all usage conditions to give lasting freshness & aroma, and the loss of top notes leads to a poorer sensorial experience. This leads to excess fragrance use, driving higher costs and lower environmental-friendliness.

Why is it unique?

AqFresh™ is an innovative patented smart fragrance release technology, consisting of cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules that bind & hold fragrance molecules and exchange them when triggered by the presence of malodour molecules (VOCs) which they powerfully attract and electrostatically capture to eliminate them. The cucurbiturils bind fragrance in formulation to deliver them in a cost-efficient, eco-friendly trigger-response mechanism.

What are its other benefits?

• Fast-acting, long-lasting, fragrance-release trigger mechanism developed with Cambridge University

• Delivers a cost-efficient, eco-friendly, premium sensory experience at all stages of the consumer usage experience

• Highly versatile – works in powder, liquid form, paper products, as a coating or in films and is effective in highly diluted aqueous formulations

• Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, Cradle-to-Cradle accredited, and delivering pure, delightfully scented clean air

• Human and pet friendly, our UK pilot consumer product Oderase® with AqFresh™ is endorsed by Allergy UK

What are its applications?

We are continually discovering exciting new applications for this breakthrough new pro-fragrance-release technology across a wide range of industries including:

Cosmetics, Feminine hygiene, Deodorants, Self tanning, Household cleaning & freshening, Pet care

Professional cleaning & freshening for: Agriculture, Medical, Veterinary, Paint

How effective is it?

When formulated with a fragrance, AqFresh™ delivers a longer lasting fragrance experience, with up to 3 times greater fragrance intensity after 24 hours vs the fragrance alone. (shown in sensory testing on right).

AqFresh™ also has a highly efficient trigger-response mechanism delivering up to 4 times greater fragrance intensity than the fragrance control at 88% humidity.
(shown in sensory testing on the right).

What is the opportunity for our partners?

AqFresh™ is available for license & supply to manufacturers as either a powder or liquid for formulating into your products. We offer sensory/analytical testing services.

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