Advanced Emulsification

What is it?

AqStar® is a naturally-derived, high-performing, versatile emulsifier enabling skincare formulations with distinctive aesthetics eg. easy consistent skin application due to its elasticity & flow without dripping, stickiness, sliminess or stringiness.

Why is it needed?

Emulsification systems with a high performance have, for decades, been desired by cosmetics formulators’ who seek to develop formulations with new and distinctive aesthetic qualities, versus a preference to use more natural emulsifiers. The problem has always been that natural emulsifiers do not work as well as synthetic ones. More recently, consumers are demanding both performance and natural ingredients.

Why is it unique?

AqStar® M1 contains our innovative patented technology, delivering stability by a combination of charge, steric, and interfacial-network interactions, cross-linking polymers to create a more rigid stable structure for oil-in-water emulsification.This patented technology consists of cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules that powerfully attract & link starch polymers together to deliver steric stabilisation.


High Performance Emulsifier

Naturally Derived (ISO 16128)

90% Bio Based

Distinctive Aesthetics
● High performance emulsifier
● Formulation flexibility
● Distinctive aesthetics
● Naturally derived (ISO 16128)
● Stabilises formulations containing high levels of particulates

Formulation Flexibility
● Contains AqBit™ technology, delivering stability by a combination of charge, steric, and interfacial-network interactions
● Works well with polar and non-polar emollients of any HLB requirement, including fragrance and essential oils
● Accommodates challenging aqueous ingredients such as extracts and preservatives; wide pH compatibility
● Platform for eye, face, hand and body formulations
● Stabilises formulations containing high levels of particulates
● Formulations flow but do not drip
● Easy spreading on skin
● No stickiness, sliminess or stringiness
● Cream formulas exhibit appealing ‘peaking’
● Slight elastic behaviour – consistent coverage on skin
● Dispersed well from a pump, airless pump, tube or bottle

What are its applications?

We are continually discovering exciting new applications for this breakthrough new emulsification technology including:
● Body lotion
● Night cream
● Foundation / BB cream
● Inorganic sunscreen
● Organic sunscreen

– For Eye, Face, Hand & Body

How effective is it?

AqFresh™ beats other emulsification technology chemicals used globally.

It has proven superior stability compared to the leading competitive technology (shown in analytical testing to the right).

NS = not statistically significant. *** = 99.5% confidence

What is the opportunity for our partners?

AqStar® is available for license & supply to manufacturers as either a powder or liquid for formulating into your products. We offer supporting formulating & sensory/analytical testing services.

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