Advanced Crop Pod Sealing

What is it?

Acticote® is an agricultural crop adjuvant pod sealant for oilseed rape. Distributed in the EU by Intracrop, Acticote® improves crop yields by reducing the incidence of pod shatter.
The Acticote® active ingredient, delivered in liquid form, effectively interacts with the pod surface resulting in reduced shattering and increased yield.

Why is it needed?

A rise of >1.5°C in the global temperature is forecasted over the next 30 years. This will have a profound impact on farming and global food production. Our chemistry is at the forefront of life science solutions. The loss of earnings to farmers because of this type of harvest loss is currently estimated to be £120m pa in the UK. The average loss is ca £175/ha but this can be alleviated with the application of Acticote™.

Why is it unique?

Unlike other pod sealants based on polymer film formation, Acticote® offers a more environmentally friendly way to reduce pod shatter using a degradable technology without generating microplastics.

Acticote® has achieved up to 18% yield increase in oil seed rape over a number of successful field trials.

What are its other benefits?

• Less pod shatter for superior crop yield
• Proven efficacy delivering up to 18% higher yield
• Environmentally friendly microplastic-free technology

What are its applications?

We are continually discovering exciting new applications for this breakthrough crop pod sealant technology for:

• Agriculture

What is the opportunity for our partners?

We are looking at adapting this supramolecular chemistry to work on a number of other crops and in a variety of climates. We are seeking partners to help bring this innovation to farmers around the world and make a positive impact on the environment.

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