AqFresh™ & Oderase™

Advanced Allergen Removal

What is it?

AqFresh™ is a revolutionary new allergen capture technology for liquids, that helps safely remove allergens including dust mite, pollen, cat and dog allergens, on contact, when sprayed on surfaces. It is also an odour capture technology for liquids, plastics and films. It is so effective that it works without the need for artificial fragrances to mask malodours.

Why is it needed?

Today, allergies affect many of us. 64% of UK households have at least one allergy sufferer, according to an Aqdot survey of 184 UK households in September 2020. Most of these households say they have to do extra cleaning or avoid visiting homes with pets.

For some people fragranced air freshener sprays are too strong and too artificial, and for some (41% of households with an allergy sufferer) they cause allergies.

Why is it unique?

This patented technology consists of cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules that powerfully attract and capture VOCs to eliminate them. Many allergens are small proteins. Cucurbiturils inhibit allergen binding to antibodies.


What are its other benefits?

Fast-acting, long-lasting, fragrance-free odour removal developed with Cambridge University

Human and pet friendly, the consumer product Oderase® with AqFresh™ is endorsed by Allergy UK and the Good Housekeeping Institute

Effective on a wide range of different malodours (eg. sweat odours, urine odours, damp dog odours, chemical odours, and other unpleasant smells ….)

Highly versatile – works in powder, liquid form, paper products, as a coating or in films and is effective in highly diluted aqueous formulations

Environmentally friendly, degradable under environmentally relevant conditions, Cradle-to-Cradle Platinum accredited, and delivering pure, clean air

How effective is it?

AqFresh™ helps safely remove allergens*. It works fast, keeps on working, and is highly versatile in formulation compatibility.

It has proven efficacy against a broad range of allergens, including many of the most common ones such as *dust mite, pollen, cat and dog allergens which it reduces by up to 100% on contact, when sprayed on surfaces.

Advanced Odour Elimination

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