AqBit™ Cucurbituril

Advanced Academic Research

What is it?

AqBit™ is the core supramolecular chemistry that powers the full range of Aqdot® product innovations. This patented technology consists of cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules that powerfully attract and capture materials.

Why is it needed?

VOCs in the environment are pollutants and cause obnoxious smells that can only be masked, not removed, with perfume. Polymers in emulsifiers can lack stability performance reducing their efficacy. Pharmaceutical gene therapies need to be delivered into human cells efficaciously and avoiding an immune response. These are just a few examples of the many industries in need of a molecule capture, hold & release technology.

Why is it unique?

The AqBit™ story: Cucurbit(n)uril (CB) is the chemical name for particular molecules, which can be made in gram quantities in a lab, under special circumstances. Aqdot has learnt how to make this CB at scale, and with a chemical composition that is high performing, and safe for consumers. We call this the AqBit™ .

We are further able to refine and select the AqBit™ to best meet different applications.

AqFresh™ is Aq™Bit molecules specifically selected and qualified for use in Mal-odour chemistry applications.

What are its other benefits?

• Powerfully attract & capture VOCs

• Carry & release fragrance when triggered

• Provide steric stability to emulsifying polymers

What are its applications?

We are continually discovering exciting new applications for this breakthrough molecule capture, delivery & release technology for:
• Pharmaceuticals
• Food & Beverage Ingredients
• Home & Pet Care
• Beauty & Personal Care
• Professional Cleaning & Freshening
• Industrial Plastics
• Agri-Chemicals
• Academic Researchers

How effective is it?

AqBit™ is a unique and high-performing molecule capture, delivery & release technology. For example in the application area of Odour Elimination it beats other air freshener technology chemicals used globally. It works fast, keeps on freshening, and is highly versatile in formulation compatibility. It has proven efficacy against a broad spectrum of malodours, including chemical odours which it reduces by 72% compared to the leading competitive technology (shown in gas chromatography analytical testing to the right).

AqFresh™ removes 72% of a malodour compared to a leading competitor which only removes 6%

NS = not statistically significant. *** = 99.5% confidence

What is the opportunity for our partners?

We are supporting Academic Institutions to do more research in supramolecular encapsulation, emulsfication and hydrogels
It is available to academics for lab-scale research into cucurbituril applications – in 3 types: CBn, CB7, CB8.
AqBit™ is also available in its various commercial forms for license & supply to manufacturers as either a powder or liquid for formulating into your products.

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