Job Vacancy: R&D internship (10-13 weeks)

Job Vacancy: R&D internship (10-13 weeks)

Explore the science and develop applications of novel supramolecular chemistry.

Aqdot is a small, rapidly developing company with a positive, diverse (age, gender, nationality) team.
We are making and applying a safe, novel, multifunctional, supramolecular chemistry that removes bad smells and pollutants, cleverly releases fragrances, stabilises enzymes, provides unique properties to hydrogels and even inactivates allergens and viruses. We develop applications for this chemistry in our well-equipped laboratories.
We are seeking interested and able physical scientists to work in our R&D team to develop and test new product concepts. The main activities will be developing formulations and making physico-chemical measurements.
The internships are ideal for curious, rigorous and enthusiastic young scientists-who are about to start or have just completed their final undergraduate year.

Job Vacancy: R&D internship (10-13 weeks)


Aqdot Limited, Iconix Park, London Road, Cambridge, CB22 3EG, United Kingdom

Aqdot is based 8 miles south of Cambridge and can be reached easily from there: by bus, by train (to Whittlesford Parkway 10 mins, then 10 mins walk), or by cycle (35 mins from central Cambridge).

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