Professional Cleaning & Freshening

What challenges do you face?

Air freshness is the key signal of a professional cleaning job well done, but facilities managers and janitors as well as the office & factory workers who benefit from their cleaning, increasingly want efficacious yet lightly fragranced or fragrance-free products, as these chemicals can be harsh & unnatural, potentially triggering allergies.

True innovation in freshening (beyond adding yet another “apple blossom” perfume variant) is tough but the holy grail for formulators & marketers who seek a truly effective odour eliminating chemistry. The ideal is to remove VOCs and leave a long-lasting fragrance for prolonged freshness.

Finding a broad-spectrum technology that delivers removal of stubborn obnoxious lingering odours, like cigarette smoke, kitchen garbage, vomit, urine, faeces, and strong industrial waste and chemical product smells is a real challenge for formulators seeking the ideal professional cleaning & freshening odour removal formulation.

What solutions do we offer?

AqFresh™ is a revolutionary new odour capture technology. It is so effective at capturing and eliminating malodours that it works without using any artificial fragrances to mask them. It also captures pollutants, inactivates allergens and neutralises viruses.

AqFresh™ is also an innovative prolonged fragrance-release technology. It binds and carries fragrance molecules, only releasing them when triggered by particular levels of humidity, pH, light etc.

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