What challenges do you face?

Developers of leading pharmaceutical drugs in the area of gene therapy are seeking safe, efficacious, and specific delivery vectors to realise the potential of DNA and RNA-vaccines and therapeutics. Viral vectors are naturally equipped to evoke maximal gene expression but are known to generate immune responses in clinical trials. In contrast, cationic polymers and lipids demonstrate superior safety but do not afford clinically relevant levels of gene expression. The efficiency of non-viral vectors is reportedly 1/10th to 1/1000th that reported for viral vectors.

What solutions do we offer?

AqGene™ is our supramolecular pharmaceuticals solution for health care, developing novel approaches to delivering medicines to patients.

AqGene™ provides safe and efficacious gene delivery technology, using unique non-viral supramolecular polymer particles to unlock the potential of gene therapies for improving patient lives. We work closely with partners in the healthcare industry, developing novel and tailored approaches to delivering medicines to patients.

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