Personal Care

Market Need

There is a growing consumer demand for deodorants which do not use anti-perspirant technologies. However, performance is not meeting expectations with masking fragrance technologies often unable to last long enough and anti-microbial technologies being undesirable to some and generally slow acting.

Most users of Personal Care products are disatisfied with how long the fragrance lasts. They want to smell fresher for longer, and expect products like antiperspirant deodorants to remove body odour effectively when it occurs.

Consumers are also increasingly seeking lightly fragranced (or even fragrance-free) personal care products. Fragrance chemicals can be harsh, potentially triggering allergies and leaving artificial, overpowering perfume scents.

Finding an effective technology that delivers human sweat body odour removal in the underarm area without blocking pores with antimicrobials which affect the skin’s microbiome, is a real challenge for formulators seeking the ideal antiperspirant deodorant.

Our Solution

AqFresh™ technology can be formulated into personal care products to deliver effective sweat odour reduction without use of antimicrobials such as aluminium which block pores and disrupt the skin’s microbiome.

Human odours are made up of a complex mix of molecule types. AqFresh™ has exceptional capability to bind a wide spectrum of molecules of different sizes and functional groups, enabling significant odour reduction.

Tests have also demonstrated significant synergy and odour reduction when formulated with metal salts – delivering even better consumer experience.

AqFresh™ also delivers malodour-activated fragrance release for lasting freshness. Upon contact with malodours, AqFresh captures the malodour while releasing pre-loaded fragrance.

The patented AqFresh™ technology is REACH certified and has no hazard warnings for human health or the


This patented technology has a range of personal care applications including:
– Aluminium-free deodorants
– Anti-perspirants
– Hair care products
– Feminine hygiene products
– Hygiene nonwovens such as diapers & femcare pads

Formulating into Personal Care products

AqFresh™ technology is available as a powder which can be easily formulated into aqueous and glycol based personal care products.
AqFresh has been demonstrated to work effectively in aerosol applications.
AqFresh can be formulated into a suspension and applied to nonwovens through any standard manufacture or conversion process.


When added to a fragranced aluminium-free roll-on deodorant, AqFresh™ technology significantly reduces odours…

Personal Care 48 hour deo clinical performance

…even after 24 hours, whilst increasing fragrance longevity.

Personal Care 24 hour deo odour & fragrance performance

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