Market Need

Nonwovens are innovative, high-tech, engineered fabrics being used in a wide range of consumer and industrial products where malodour (eg. human & kitchen odours) and pollutants are a real problem: Consumer Hygiene (baby care, fem care, adult incontinence and wound care), and Industrial (eg. automotive interior trim and a broad range of filters for the home and car).

Fragrances are often added to nonwovens to mask malodours but are volatile, so only temporarily mask the malodours. As a result, many disposable nonwovens products (such as diapers) are not sufficiently long-lasting to meet consumer needs for odour-free sustainable products. There is also an increasing trend for fragrance-free nonwovens to avoid skin sensitivity (eg. in fem care).

In industrial applications such as automotive interior trim, nonwovens are being used to reduce the vehicle’s weight. However, the release of new car smells and VOCs is still a concern in automotive interior trim and technologies such as charcoal are ineffective against the full spectrum of malodour molecules.

Our Solution

AqFresh™ odour & pollutant elimination technology significantly reduces odours including urine, sweat, ammonia, and pollutants such as BTEX, when applied in nonwovens, by incorporating into the fibre, spraying or padding.

AqFresh™ also effectively captures small molecular weight pollutants which current absorbent technologies struggle to do.

AqFresh™ has exceptional capability to bind a wide spectrum of molecules of different sizes and functional groups, and provides long-lasting action without the need for fragrances to mask the malodour.

AqFresh also increases the surface area of the nonwoven which thereby helps it capture more malodour.


This patented technology has a range of nonwoven applications including:

– Adult Inco & Baby Care
– Fem Care
– Wound Care
– Home Care
– Automotive Interiors
– Filters
– Building Materials

Incorporating into nonwoven materials

It is proven to work in nonwovens, applied using a range of methods:

– Compounding/extrusion into fibres
– Finishing via kiss roll or padding/spraying


AqFresh™ technology reduces blood & tissue odour by up to 86% and reduces urine odour by up to 64%.

Nonwovens - blood & tissue odour

Nonwovens - urine odour


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