Pet Care


Furry pets are part of the family, and their smells are a fact of life but many consumers wish there was a better way to get rid of pet smells, like wet dog, pet bedding, and cat litter tray, without having to use strong fragrances. Traditionally bad smells have been masked, not erased, by the use of fragranced sprays. For some people those fragrances are too strong and too artificial, for some they cause allergies. Many pets dislike fragrances and roll around on the carpet or outside to remove the smell.

Finding a broad-spectrum technology that delivers fragrance-free cat and dog urine odour removal, for your home and your pet’s, as well as your car, is a real challenge for formulators seeking the ideal home, car and carpet pet stain & odour removal formulation.

What solutions do we offer?

AqFresh™ is a revolutionary new fragrance-free odour capture technology. It is so effective at capturing and eliminating malodours that it works without using any artificial fragrances to mask them. It also captures pollutants, inactivates allergens and neutralises viruses.

AqFresh™ is an innovative prolonged fragrance-release technology. It binds and carries fragrance molecules, only releasing them when triggered by particular levels of humidity, pH, light etc.

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