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Market Need

Indoor air quality is a growing concern. Consumers want home cleaning & freshening products that remove malodours and pollutants quickly and keep on working to give lasting freshness. These products typically contain detergents and antimicrobials to fight the source of odours, but they are not suitable to be used on all surfaces and can take time to work.

Fragrances are also used to mask odours, but don’t last long enough so the bad smell is soon perceived again, and consumers increasingly seek more lightly fragranced or fragrance-free products.

Current anti-odour technologies are either too weak or are limited in the range of malodours they remove or the environmental conditions they work in. There are currently no technologies that effectively address indoor air pollutants. The only solution is to use expensive air purification systems.

Our Solution

AqFresh™ technology can be formulated into a wide variety of home & pet care products with a wide range of pH to deliver effective odour reduction. The patented technology has been successfully formulated into aqueous solutions such as sprays or aerosols, and can be formulated into powdered products such as dishwasher tablets. It has also been incorporated into nonwovens used in household cleaning wipes.

Malodours are made up of a complex mix of molecule types. AqFresh™ has exceptional capability to bind a wide spectrum of molecules of different sizes and functional groups, enabling significant odour reduction. It is also highly effective at capturing and eliminating all the typical household pollutants including formaldehyde, NO2 and SO2.

AqFresh™ also delivers malodour-activated fragrance release for lasting freshness. Upon contact with malodours, AqFresh™ captures the malodour while releasing pre-loaded fragrance.

The patented AqFresh™ technology is REACH certified and has no hazard warnings for human health or the


This patented technology has a range of home & pet care applications including:
– Air fresheners
– Fabric fresheners & cleaners
– Carpet cleaners
– Pet shampoos
– Nonwoven home cleaning wipes

Formulating into home & pet care products

AqFresh™ technology is available as a powder which can be easily formulated into aqueous home & pet care products. It has also been demonstrated to work effectively in aerosol applications.

AqFresh™ can be formulated into a suspension and applied to nonwovens through any standard manufacture or conversion process.


AqFresh™ significantly reduces human, pet and other common household malodours significantly more than alternative technologies.

Home and Pet Care (human odours)

Home and Pet Care (animal odours)

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