Food & Beverage Ingredients

What challenges do you face?

Foods have varied, rich and delightful aromas but when mixed or left to linger for days, they infuse & contaminate fresh foods and become unpleasant malodours. Restaurant managers seek odour elimination solutions for their kitchens & dining areas.

Another key demand for odour neutralisation is in the area of fridge fresheners, food packaging and the food manufacturing process. The holy grail for all these applications is odour-removing chemistry that can be used in plastics, films, and more.

A critical ingredient of a food & beverage recipe is a high-performance emulsifier to ensure the stability of the flavour, dye, vitamin and other additives in the water-based recipe.

As consumers increasingly demand natural food ingredients, a significant challenge for product developers is finding a naturally-derived emulsifier that enables flavour, dye and vitamin manufacturers to deliver their ingredients in a customer-friendly emulsion, whilst minimising the water content required, to deliver the ingredient cost-effectively. We believe that the success of our beauty emulsifier can be re-applied to the drinks industry, with a little joint development

What solutions do we offer?

AqFresh™ is a revolutionary new fragrance-free odour capture technology. It is so effective at capturing and eliminating malodours that it works without using any artificial fragrances to mask them.

AqStar® M1 contains our innovative patented technology, delivering stability via charge, steric & interfacial-network interactions, cross-linking polymers to create a more rigid stable structure for oil-in-water emulsification.

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