Beauty & Personal Care

What challenges do we face?

Everyone wants to smell fresh but not everyone wants to come out of the shower smelling of roses! Consumers increasingly seek efficacious yet fragrance-free personal care products, as these chemicals can be harsh & unnatural, potentially triggering allergies and leaving artificial & unnatural overpowering & lingering perfume scents.

Finding a broad-spectrum technology that delivers human sweat body odour removal especially in the underarm or feminine intimate skin areas, is a real challenge for formulators seeking the ideal personal care feminine hygiene wash or freshening shower gel formulation.

Emulsification systems with a high performance have, for decades, been desired by cosmetics formulators’ who seek to develop formulations with new and distinctive aesthetic qualities, versus a preference to use more natural emulsifiers. The problem has always been that natural emulsifiers do not work as well as synthetic ones. More recently, consumers are demanding both performance and natural ingredients.

What solutions do we offer?

AqFresh™ is a revolutionary new fragrance-free odour capture technology. It is so effective at capturing and eliminating malodours that it works without using any artificial fragrances to mask them.

It binds and carries fragrance molecules, only releasing them when triggered by particular levels of humidity, pH, light etc.

AqStar® M1 contains our innovative patented technology, delivering stability via charge, steric & interfacial-network interactions, cross-linking polymers to create a more rigid stable structure for oil-in-water emulsification.

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