Automotive Interiors

Market Need

The offgassing of VOCs, malodour and other pollutants from Automotive Interior Trim materials is a growing concern. Automotive OEMs are increasingly demanding that interior trim materials meet reduced odour levels (3.0 or below on the 1-6 sensory scale of the VDA-270 industry standard) and reduced VOC levels verified by several analytical methods.

With no previously existing technology available that could be incorporated into materials to eliminate odours and VOCs, manufacturers have been struggling to achieve their goals. Besides the inherent malodour of the car parts, the growing requirement to use more recycled materials in automotive interiors, further increases the odour challenge.

Our Solution

AqFresh™ Odour Scavenger and VOC Capture Technology can be incorporated into coated textiles, coating layers and plastics to significantly reduce a wide range of pollutants including formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrolein, BTEX molecules and malodours.

The patented AqFresh™ technology is REACH certified and has no hazard warnings for human health or the environment.


This patented technology has a range of automotive interior trim applications including:
– Coated Textiles
– Plastics & Films

Incorporating into coated textile materials

It is proven to work in coated textiles, applied using a range of methods:
– Incorporated into the PVC coating layers
– Finishing treatment to the textile base


AqFresh™ technology reduces odours & VOCs by 1-1.5pts on the VDA-270.

Automotive Interiors Direct PVC Coating 2

Automotive Interiors Transfer PVC Coating 2

Incorporating into plastics

It is proven to work in plastics, using a range of methods:
– Compounded directly into the plastic
– Compounded first into a plastic masterbatch


Polypropylene dashboards containing 1.2 wt% of AqFresh™ (4wt% of AqFresh Masterbatch) significantly counteract the malodour from the untreated material (internal odour).

Automotive Interiors PP Dashboard 2

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