Academic Researchers

What challenges do you face?

Cucurbiturils are an important research field amongst university academics working in supramolecular chemistry. Their unique molecule capture, carrying and releasing properties mean they carry huge potential for academic research studies in many different fields, and with very significant commercialisation opportunities in a large number of industries and applications.

For experimentation in university laboratories, researchers require specific cucurbiturils, in particular CB7, CB8. Procuring these in a safe, consistent and cost-effective way from a supplier with the required supramolecular capabilities and expertise is crucial for success.

What solutions do we offer?

At Aqdot® we recognise the need for Academic Researchers to have easy and affordable access to CB7 and CB8, to enable lab-scale research & development into cucurbituril applications

AqBit™ is also available in its various commercial forms for license & supply to manufacturers as either a powder or liquid for formulating into your products.

Buy cucurbituril now

We are offering Academic Researchers access to heavily subsidised Cucurbituril 8 and Cucurbituril 7. It is only available online to Academic Institutions and Non-Profit Organisations. The typical leadtime from order to delivery is 4 weeks.

Register with us by completing the contact us form and we will send you an email with a link to purchase directly, or an option for you to place an order by uploading a Purchase Order from your Academic Institution.


• AqBit™ Cucurbit[8]uril

      • 0.5g £500 + VAT

      • 1.0g £950 + VAT

• AqBit™ Cucurbit[7]uril

      • 0.5g £450 + VAT

      • 1.0g £900 + VAT

• Aq™Bit Cucurbit[N]uril

      • available on request

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