AqFresh™ technology at Automotive Interiors Expo – VOC & odour elimination technology for textiles, nonwovens & plastics

AqFresh™ technology at Automotive Interiors Expo – VOC & odour elimination technology for textiles, nonwovens & plastics


AqFresh™ technology at Automotive Interiors Expo

To find out more about our patented technology, fill in the contact form below or visit us at stand #3624 at Automotive Interiors Expo Stuttgart 8-10 November 2022. Our team of scientists will give visitors to our stand a demonstration of our unique technology in action.

They will present the breakthrough AqFresh™ performance results that have been proven on a range of automotive textiles, nonwovens and plastics. They will also offer an introduction to the amazing chemistry in action with our 3D video and 3D model, and a presentation of our VDA-270 odour testing results in a wide range of applications.

These include headliners, car seat textiles, dashboard films and rigid plastic door trim. Moreover, they will also share their wealth of experience impregnating AqFresh™ into a rapidly-growing broad range of nonwovens, textiles & PVC/PU coatings.


Patented Technology

AqFresh™ is a revolutionary patented odour capture technology that removes VOCs, odours and pollutants. It uses cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules with polar portals and a hydrophobic cavity to quickly capture & tightly bind unwanted molecules. AqFresh™ has been successfully impregnated into nonwovens, textiles and textile coatings to remove VOCs, odours & pollutants released by these materials themselves as well as capturing external environmental odours.

It has a broad range of applications and is being formulated into products in many industries with significant proven results, including:

  • Automotive Interior Coated Textiles – AqFresh™ reduces odours from PVC coated textiles by 1  – 1.5 points on VDA-270 (when applied to the base textile layer)
  • Automotive Interior Rigid Plastics – PP plastic dashboard material with AqFresh™ has 1.5pts less VOCs/Odours on VDA-270
  • Automotive Interior Nonwovens – AqFresh™ has been added to typical headliner nonwovens to capture odours & VOCs


Automotive Interiors VOC & Odour Capture White Paper

AqFresh™ technology has been proven to capture odour and other VOC emissions from high-VOC materials & parts used in automotive interiors, such as PVC coated textiles & PP dashboards.

This report details the test methodology & results of VDA odour tests carried out on a range of materials with AqFresh™ added, along with key market insights.

For your copy of our full AqFresh™ Automotive Interiors VOC & Odour Capture White Paper packed with insights to inspire & guide your innovation programme, please complete the form below adding “AUTO INTERIORS WHITE PAPER” in the subject.


Free VDA Odour Test of Your Material Incorporating AqFresh™

To give you a free demonstration of our technology, we will add AqFresh™ to your material, carry out the VDA-270 test and send you a full report. To apply, please complete the form below adding “VDA ODOUR TEST” in the subject. Offer limited to the first 3  textile/coating/nonwoven/polymer manufacturers with £100M+ turnover.


3D video of our chemistry in action

Click below to watch a 3D video explaining the key benefits, applications, performance results as well as an explanation of AqFresh™ revolutionary supramolecular capture & release.

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