Fully soluble & transparent formulations now easily achievable with new AqFresh™ concentrated solution

Aqdot have launched a breakthrough innovation and filed a new patent for its AqFresh™ odour capture technology.

Previously, given its limited solubility, AqFresh™ has been suspended, rather than solubilised, in aqueous formulations. This has resulted in cloudy products and a few challenges.

Aqdot have now developed & patented a formulating method to solubilise AqFresh™ offering:

  • A clear liquid with dissolved AqFresh™ @15%
  • Readiness to incorporate into existing or new aqueous formulations at desired usage concentrations e.g. 0.5wt%
  • Enhanced odour elimination potential as shown on initial screening.

Fully soluble transparent formulations

 New AqFresh™ concentrate formulates seamlessly into 3 different well-known brand formulations:

Fully soluble transparent formulations examples

This patented technology consists of cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules that powerfully attract and capture VOCs to eliminate them.

Fully soluble & transparent formulations. For more information and to discover how these learnings could be applied to your innovation projects for up to 90% odour elimination, please complete the form below.

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