AqFresh™ additive in Automotive Interior Trim, including Textiles, Nonwovens & Plastics, reduces the VOCs & odours they emit

According to a global consumer survey of 670 buyers of new cars, the smell of a new car influences car buyers’ choice of which make & model to buy. 77% of Chinese would be more likely to buy a brand new car that did not have a new car smell. The reason for this is that they are concerned by the impact of malodorous VOCs on in-car air quality.

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AqFresh™ additive in Automotive Interior Trim

AqFresh™ is a versatile, revolutionary new additive technology developed by Cambridge, UK-based Chemtech company Aqdot, which will have a profound impact on improving vehicle indoor air quality.

This supra-molecular powder has been incorporated into Nonwovens, Textiles and Plastics that are typically found in Automotive Interior Parts and proven to significantly reduce their VOC and Odour emissions. The patented technology utilises Cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules with a hollow hydrophobic cavity and polar portals, enabling them to tightly bind a wide spectrum of unwanted molecules.

This unique technology has been applied to textile and nonwoven materials through dry impregnation as well as by spraying and padding during the finishing process.

AqFresh™ has also been proven to be effective in rigid plastic parts such as PP for dashboards, into which it can be incorporated via compounding or polymer masterbatch. It has been added into the manufacturing process of PVC coated textiles and VDA-270 sensory panel tests clearly demonstrate a reduction of odours of 1-1.5 points.

AqFresh™ captures a wide range of pollutants and malodours, is not affected by normal changes in environmental conditions, and is non-toxic.

Innovate with AqFresh™ to reduce VOCs and Odours for a safer, fresher, driving experience.


Automotive Interiors VOC & Odour Capture White Paper

AqFresh™ technology has been proven to capture odour and other VOC emissions from high-VOC materials & parts used in automotive interiors, such as PVC coated textiles & PP dashboards.

This report details the test methodology & results of VDA odour tests carried out on a range of materials with AqFresh™ added, along with key market insights.

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Free VDA Odour Test of Your Material Incorporating AqFresh™

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Watch our 3D video of the AqFresh™ chemistry in action:


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Aqdot establishes partnership with Radical Materials for the automotive plastics market throughout Europe

Aqdot, the Cambridge-based chemtech company, is responding to industry pull and entering the automotive plastics market after agreeing a partnership with Radical Materials to distribute its patented VOC and odour elimination technology AqFresh™ incorporated into custom masterbatches and polymer compounds throughout Europe.

AqFresh™ is proven to significantly reduce VOC emissions in industry standard testing. When AqFresh™ is added to polypropylene dashboard material via masterbatch, the VOC emissions fall substantially below the industry benchmark of 3.0 in the VDA-270 C3 test, dropping by 1.5 points. This VDA-270 result was externally validated by Olfasense where the reading dropped from 3.5 to 2.0.

This unique technology consists of cucurbiturils whose structure enables tight binding to a wide range of VOCs and malodour molecules. AqFresh™ is proven to reduce odour and other VOC emissions from polypropylene and polyvinylchloride used in the automotive interiors industry.

Hugh Rathbone, Chief Commercial Officer at Aqdot, said: “Radical Materials are pioneers in the delivery of unique polymer additives via masterbatch and compound plastics. This will enable us to offer a ready-to-use masterbatch or compound to accelerate innovations with the large number of automotive companies who are innovating with AqFresh™. Their experience and knowledge in the European Automotive industry will be invaluable as we expand the industry applications of AqFresh™”

Huw Durban, Director of Radical Materials, said: “We are excited to start a partnership with Aqdot. The revolutionary AqFresh™ technology will offer our customers the opportunity to formulate innovative Automotive parts with significantly lower VOC odours and emissions, helping our customers meet stringent vehicle interior air quality (VIAQ) standards, a huge issue for plastic parts manufacturers and OEMs alike ”.

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Aqdot is a Cambridge, UK based chemtech company with a focus and expertise in developing, licensing and selling novel proprietary products. AqFresh™ is a novel and versatile performance host-guest chemistry that has exceptional capability at capturing molecules. In unique and proprietary formulations, this chemistry is game-changing in a wide range of industries, including plastic additives, household and personal care products, fragrances, industrial chemicals, agrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Aqdot partners with companies to create products which address unmet needs and make a positive impact on health, happiness and the environment.

Radical Materials

Radical Materials is a UK based specialist developer and manufacturer of custom and off the shelf masterbatches and polymer compounds created to solve complex problems, enhance material performance or mitigate the negative effects of other additives.



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