Femcare & Babycare Nonwovens with AqFresh™ have up to 95% less urine & sweat malodour in sensory testing – free odour test


New AqFresh™ technology has been proven to capture urine and sweat malodours when dry impregnated into femcare and babycare nonwovens.

AqFresh™ consists of Cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules with a hollow hydrophobic cavity and polar portals enabling it to capture & hold the malodours with extremely tight binding so they are virtually undetectable to the typical consumer. Unlike existing anti-odour solutions, AqFresh™ works in wet environments where femcare & babycare nonwovens are typically used, and does not rely on sensitising or allergenic fragrances or on antibacterials to which bacteria are becoming increasingly resistant.

In these studies, a section of the AqFresh-treated nonwoven was placed in a Gas Chromatography headspace (HS-GC) vial. Triethylamine or Isovaleric Acid were added to the nonwoven. The headspace was evaluated and compared to control (100% malodour before adding to the AqFresh™-impregnated nonwoven). The results showed that the level of malodour was reduced by up to 95% in the nonwoven with AqFresh™.

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Aqdot at Tech Textil Frankfurt

Come and meet the Aqdot team at our stand #B80, hall 11 at Tech Textil Frankfurt, 21-24 June 2022. Learn more about our revolutionary patented technology and touch & smell a range of non-woven, textile and coated textile materials impregnated with AqFresh™ odour capture technology.


Malodours from Femcare & Babycare Nonwovens

Capturing external odours & pollutants is a key priority for manufacturers of feminine/adult care, baby care, and air-filter products. Current odour counteracting technologies are relatively ineffective and rely on fragrances to mask the odour. Nonwovens are widely used in this industry for panty liners, pads, diapers, nappies, intimate wipes and air-filters.

AqFresh™ is a versatile odour & pollutant capture technology with the potential to be incorporated into nonwovens produced using a variety of methods whether needlepunched, spunbonded, airlaid or meltblown. Manufacturers can reduce malodours by using AqFresh in polypropylene (PP), polyester (PE) and many more types of nonwovens, to provide the desired perception of freshness for these consumer products.

Malodour and pollutant reduction through nonwovens is of importance to a huge range of nonwoven applications including femtech, babytech, filters (HEPA), clothtech, hometech, indutech, medtech, mobiltech, protech, packtech, and sportech.


Odour Test

The odour test is run by Aqdot using trained assessors selected according to ISO 8586 for their ability to discriminate and describe malodour. They are trained & assessed quarterly using validated polymeric standards provided by a qualified supplier.

The panel carry out the odour tests to evaluate the impact of our counteractant. The panellists evaluate the odour intensity based on the scale from 0 to 6 (not detectable to extremely strong odour) and the hedonic tone from -4 extremely unpleasant to +4 extremely pleasant.


AqFresh™ odour capture technology

AqFresh™ odour capture technology can be dry impregnated into nonwoven materials, in order to capture malodours.

This patented technology consists of cucurbiturils: barrel-shaped molecules with a hydrophobic cavity and polar portal. Their unique structure enables exceptionally tight capture & binding of unwanted molecules.

AqFresh™ has been successfully impregnated into nonwovens, textiles and textile coatings to remove VOCs, odours & pollutants released by these materials themselves as well as capturing external environmental odours.

AqFresh™ has been proven to capture a wide range of malodours relevant to broader nonwoven applications including: putrescene & cadaverine (wounds), isovaleric acid (sweat), trimethylamine (urine) and skatole (faeces). It has also been shown to reduce VOCs enabling nonwovens, for example as used in car headliners, to meet the VDA-270 standard for automotive interiors.

AqFresh™ is available as powder which has been successfully demonstrated to reduce malodours when dry impregnated into non-woven materials.




Job Vacancy: R&D internship (10-13 weeks)

Explore the science and develop applications of novel supramolecular chemistry.

Aqdot is a small, rapidly developing company with a positive, diverse (age, gender, nationality) team.
We are making and applying a safe, novel, multifunctional, supramolecular chemistry that removes bad smells and pollutants, cleverly releases fragrances, stabilises enzymes, provides unique properties to hydrogels and even inactivates allergens and viruses. We develop applications for this chemistry in our well-equipped laboratories.
We are seeking interested and able physical scientists to work in our R&D team to develop and test new product concepts. The main activities will be developing formulations and making physico-chemical measurements.
The internships are ideal for curious, rigorous and enthusiastic young scientists-who are about to start or have just completed their final undergraduate year.

Job Vacancy: R&D internship (10-13 weeks)


Aqdot Limited, Iconix Park, London Road, Cambridge, CB22 3EG, United Kingdom

Aqdot is based 8 miles south of Cambridge and can be reached easily from there: by bus, by train (to Whittlesford Parkway 10 mins, then 10 mins walk), or by cycle (35 mins from central Cambridge).

Job Vacancy: Project Leader Industrial Product Development



Position Profile

Aqdot is taking a new platform chemistry technology ‘from bench to market’. A chemtech company based in Cambridge, Aqdot has completed all relevant regulatory and environmental hurdles and is now accelerating production and commercialisation.. The team have scaled up manufacturing to multi-ton scale and have established and built strong collaborations with 100+ multi-national companies who all have pain-points that this revolutionary chemistry can address. With products now in the market, and more being developed by customers and collaborators, the outlook is getting more exciting by the day.

The platform technology has applications ranging from Home Care & Personal Care to Life Sciences; from heavy industry to non-wovens & textiles, and the opportunity to create meaningful innovation while creating value is what excites the team. Focus is crucial at this transformative stage , which can be interesting when so many well known manufacturers are engaged!

The Aqdot team has a very strong inclusive and diverse culture with many opportunities for personal development and career acceleration for a company in this accelerated growth phase. With the completion of the recent growth round with new strategic investors and a highly engaged board and, it’s a great time to join the team!

The Role – Project Leader Industrial Product Development

LOCATION: Cambridge, UK

Reporting to the CSO, the Project Leader will have the following responsibilities

  1. Lead and manage the Industrial Team: Implement ideas, methods, knowledge, skills and experience to achieve the team’s objectives. Proven ability to supervise and delegate.
  2. The Industrial technology areas include automotive interiors (plasticized coatings, semi rigid and rigid plastics), films, functional nonwovens, technical textiles
  3. Develop Aqdot Industrial products from concept to scale-up. Develop scalable prototypes and demonstrate performance through material testing and analytical equipment.
  4. Working closely with the commercial team identifying opportunities and translating customers’ needs into technical solutions and projects.
  5. Support key customers to formulate and develop products, as well as validating product benefits and substantiating claims to speed up product launches.
  6. Preparation of research reports by collecting, analysing, and summarising data; give presentations for both internal and external audience.
  7. Identify IP opportunities and prepare patent documents.
  8. Identify training opportunities and liaise with external consultants and contractors.


Industry Experience
• Application scientist with a strong chemical industry background (5 years) with experience in functional plastics, non wovens or textile coating industries.
• PhD level or relevant experience also considered.
• Curious scientist driven by a passion to deliver innovative and sustainable product solutions.
• Extensive product development experience from automotive or plastics or non wovens industry.
Analytical and sensorial odour assessment would be a distinct advantage.
• Must be interested in the formulation of products, either automotive or hygiene or homecare products.
• Strong background in physical sciences with experience in analytical testing and claims substantiation.

• Generates alignment amongst teams
• Contributes to a high performing, fearless, results-orientated culture
• Hands on and entrepreneurial in style, comfortable with getting involved in all areas of the business with minimal support

Likely background and personal characteristics
• Agile thinker, able to adapt and work in a dynamic environment and work across multiple application areas.
• Intellectually strong and comfortable with complex problem solving
• Naturally engages with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds
• Embraces opportunities for personal development


If you are interested in applying for this position, please email admin@aqdot.com.

Get your free copy of our AqFresh™ Hair & Personal Care Consumer Insights Report featuring the results of our global survey of over 500 consumers.


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Covering consumers’ attitudes to body odour removal, fragrance and anti-allergen and anti-pollution hair/skin protection, and consumer reactions to some exciting potential new product concepts, this AqFresh™ Hair & Personal Care Report is based on Aqdot’s global survey of over 500 consumers which gives valuable insight for our customers.

This report is designed particularly for Marketing and R&D Managers with responsibility for product innovation at manufacturers of hair & personal care consumer products.



  1. Survey methodology & sample
  2. Common hair / skin types and conditions
  3. Hair / personal care brands & products used
  4. Key benefits sought from different hair / personal care products and salon treatments
  5. Attitudes to odour removal, fragrance and hair/skin protection
  6. Consumer interest in new hair / personal care products with odour, fragrance and protection benefits
  7. Key conclusions
  8. How Aqdot can help you meet your consumers’ needs with our AqFresh™ odour capture & fragrance release technology

Example Insights

  • 46% are concerned about the effects of urban air pollution on their hair
  • 69% are more likely to feel happy if their hair smells fresh
  • 79% wish their hair would continue to smell really fresh between washes
  • 76% wish that the fresh scent of their personal care products would last longer
  • 74% of regular hair conditioner users would buy a hair conditioner that leaves a fresh scent on hair that lasts up to 10 hours

The report is packed with lots more fascinating consumer insights that could unlock / inspire your next big innovation.


AqFresh™ Technology

Our patented technology utilises Cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules with a hollow hydrophobic cavity and polar portals. They capture malodour molecules whilst holding and slowly releasing pre-loaded fragrance molecules over time for a prolonged sensory experience.


For a free copy of the report, complete your details in the “CONTACT US” section below, adding “HAIR & PERSONAL CARE REPORT” in the subject.

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