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Covering consumers’ attitudes to living with an allergy during the pandemic, places & situations that trigger allergic reactions, and new anti-allergen product concepts, this report based on Aqdot’s online survey of 118 UK allergy sufferers gives valuable insight for our customers interested in launching a ready-to-go white label anti-allergen innovation for humans or pets in just weeks, or incorporating our technology into your own anti-allergen products. .

This report is designed particularly for Marketing and R&D Managers with responsibility for product innovation at manufacturers of consumer products where personal/household/in-car odour and poor indoor air quality (from allergens & pollutants) is a pain point.



  1. Survey methodology
  2. Households with allergy sufferers
  3. The most common allergies
  4. Places & situations that trigger allergic reactions
  5. The most common allergic symptoms
  6. Attitudes to living with an allergy
  7. Living with an allergy during the Covid-19 pandemic
  8. Interest in unique new solutions that could be used to prevent allergic reactions by removing allergens from:
    1. Soft Furnishings, Fabrics & Surfaces
    2. Air & Pets
    3. Indoor Public Spaces
    4. Face Masks
  9. Key conclusions
  10. Introduction to AqFresh™ and Oderase™ which safely remove odours & allergens from soft furnishings, fabrics & surfaces*

*dust mite, cat & dog allergens, on contact, when sprayed on surfaces.

The report is packed with fascinating consumer insights that could unlock / inspire your next big innovation.

To register, complete your details in the “CONTACT US” section below, adding “AQFRESH ANTI-ALLERGEN REPORT” in the subject, and you will receive a copy of the report within 24 hours.

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