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Did you know? 77% of Brits experience bad smells in their cars including fuel (38%), farts (30%), exhaust fumes (28%), and body odours (23%). Covering consumers’ attitudes to indoor air quality in cars, public buildings, offices, gyms, restaurants and many other indoor spaces, this report based on Aqdot’s AqFresh™ Away From Home Freshening online survey of 100 UK consumers also investigates the reasons behind the appeal of our Oderase odour-erasing spray, giving valuable insight for our customers interested in launching a ready-to-go white label innovation in just weeks.

This report is designed particularly for Marketing and R&D Managers with responsibility for product innovation at manufacturers of consumer products where personal/household/in-car odour and poor indoor air quality (from pollutants) is a pain point.

The report covers the key insights & conclusions from an online survey of UK consumers conducted in July 2020. The survey looked at the problem of household malodours, the solutions consumers seek and their attitudes to away from home freshening.



  1. Aqdot who we are
  2. Survey methodology
  3. Which indoor public places are consumers visiting
  4. How consumer behaviour has changed since Covid 19
  5. What air quality problems exist in indoor public places
  6. What air quality problems exist in cars
  7. What consumers’ attitudes are to air freshening
  8. What antibacterial & anti odour products consumers use
  9. Consumer awareness & attitudes towards indoor air quality
  10. What odour removal solutions consumers want
  11. What consumers think of Oderase
  12. Who Oderase’s top fans are
  13. What indoor & car odour problems Oderase fans experience
  14. Oderase fans’ attitudes to air freshening & indoor air quality
  15. Key conclusions
  16. How Aqdot can help you meet your consumers’ needs with our
  17. AqFresh odour capture technology

AqFresh™ in a 5-in-1 molecular capture & release technology that removes odours, pollutants, allergens & viruses whilst delivering prolonged fragrance release. The patented technology use Cucurbiturils – barrel-shaped molecules with a hollow hydrophobic cavity and polar portals to tightly bind unwanted molecules.

The report is packed with fascinating consumer insights that could unlock / inspire your next big innovation.

To register, complete your details in the “CONTACT US” section below, adding “AQFRESH AWAY FROM HOME FRESHENING REPORT” in the subject, and you will receive a copy of the report within 24 hours.

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