Aqdot, the Cambridge-based supramolecular company, is moving into the US market after agreeing a partnership with Essential Ingredients to distribute its patented malodour product, AqFresh™ throughout North America.

The technology is highly effective at capturing volatile organic compounds and malodour molecules. The AqFresh™ complexation mechanism enables AqFresh™ to work as an odour neutraliser instead of an odour masking agent.

Bad odour molecules are quickly attracted to the AqFresh™ molecules, which in turn capture the bad smells and remove them from the air.

Tim Wright, chief executive of Aqdot, said: “We are very excited about this new partnership.  Essential Ingredients has great sales and marketing resources, supported by excellent formulation capability to bring this revolutionary technology to North America.

Aqdot establishes agreement with Essential Ingredients

“We have already been contacted by many companies in North America about our technologies, and we are delighted that this partnership now enables exceptional customer service to these companies and new ones.”

Kris Maynard, chief executive of Essential Ingredients, said: “We are excited to partner with Aqdot to bring a novel product to our customer base.  We are always searching for ways to expand our portfolio to better serve our customers, and we believe representing Aqdot in North America will allow us to do just that.

“We are grateful to Aqdot for this opportunity, and we look forward to building a successful partnership with its team.”

Aqdot establishes agreement with Essential Ingredients. AqFresh™ is a revolutionary new fragrance-free odour capture technology using Cucurbiturils.

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