Aqdot is delighted to announce the launch of Oderase, a unique odour-erasing spray for bathrooms.


Oderase is the first and only fragrance-free odour erasing bathroom and household spray in the UK market. It is sold, through Ocado, in a pump action, non-propellant-driven spray of 100 mL. at £4.99. Each bottle contains up to 500 spritzes.


Oderase is different from other air fresheners because it is so effective at erasing bad odours that it does not contain any fragrances. Further, thanks to the scientific breakthrough of successfully suspending the active ingredient in water it can be totally fragrance free, non-toxic and doesn’t need to use a propellant to be sprayed effectively. The technology really opens up the market for disruption both in zero and light fragrancing options for air fresheners.


Tim Wright, CEO of Aqdot ltd, said: “Our scientific team has made a significant breakthrough with this new technology, which enables materials to be captured, held and released in a way that no other chemistries can. It has wide applications, including removal of odour and volatile organic compounds from the environment, personal care and life sciences. This unique technology has now been made available to those Ocado customers who want to ensure that their homes are free from unpleasant odours. It works instantly and does not present the alternative smells associated with fragrance-based air fresheners. We have delivered a safe, non-toxic product in a pump spray container which is proven to be effective.”


He added: “We are pleased that Oderase has been independently approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute and Allergy UK, which will give consumers confidence in the veracity of the product and be borne out by successful sales.”

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