Aqdot, the Cambridge (UK) based performance chemistry company, is pleased to announce completion of a commercialisation agreement with Intracrop. Intracrop is a leading supplier of proprietary and innovative crop treatments. Aqdot’s innovative technology will be applied to improve oilseed rape yields by reducing the incidence of pod shatter.


Tim Wright, CEO at Aqdot said:


“We are delighted to have signed this commercial agreement with Intracrop. Their strong, established distribution network and expertise in adjuvants, crop nutritiion and water conditioning products provide an excellent platform to address challenges in agriculture using the Aqdot technology. It is also exciting to bring innovation to the farm that will provide UK agriculture with the opportunity to protect oilseed rape yields and improve grower economics”.


Duncan Findlay, Techncial Director at Intracrop said:


“We are pleased to be working with Aqdot on the development of this novel pod sealing product. The development process with this unique encapsulation system has run smoothly and following positive field trials we are now pleased to have progressed to a commercialisation agreement.”


About Aqdot


Aqdot is a specialist chemical company based in Cambridge (UK). The Company specialises in developing and commercialising disruptive encapsulation technologies that enable valuable actives (cargos) to be protected, delivered and released when required. We interact with encapsulated products throughout our day, be it the materials and fuels in our transportation, flavourings in our food, fragrances in our toiletries or medicines we may take. To date the challenge has been in triggering encapsulation systems to release their cargo when the customer needs them. For example, the release of enzymes in a biological detergent when they enter the wash so they can take away stains. It is this unique proprietary capability that Aqdot’s platform technology delivers.


This approach enables Aqdot’s customers to increase product effectiveness, introduce novel and differentiated brands, reduce manufacturing costs and positively impact the environment. Originally spun out of Cambridge University, Aqdot is currently focused in developing products in the household, fragrance and niche industrial sectors. Future potential applications include crop enhancment and pharmaceuticals.


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About Intracrop


Intracrop is the leading company in the Adjuvant, Foliar Nutrition and Water Conditioning sectors for Agriculture and Horticulture.


Established for more than forty years with widescale activities in the UK and Europe. Intracrop’s extensive product range includes many patented, exclusive and technically innovative solutions for a large number of crop situations.


To produce top quality crops requires advanced input technology and that is the focus of Intracrop’s business mission. A combination of high spec research, production and first class distributors, backed by staff expertise, means that farmers can reliably GROW WITH INTRACROP


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